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California Notice of Default - Flowchart / Timeline

Day 1: Notice of Default is recorded

Within 10 Business Days :  Notice of Default mailed to trustors and Special Requests for Notice

Within 1 Month from date of recordation of the NOD : Mail Notice of Default Trustor to all required parties under 29246 (c) (2)

After 3 months :   Trustee's sale date can be set

25 days prior to sale date: Notice to IRS must be given if required

20 days prior to sale date :  -- Publish Notice of Sale in local paper at least once each week for 3 consecutive weeks with the first date of publication at least 20 days before date of sale.   -- Post Notice of Sale.   -- Mail Notice of Sale to all parties who were sent the NOD - including any state agency

Within 10 days from 1st publication Notice:   Request for directions of property sent to beneficiary (if no known  designated property address)

14 days prior to sale date :  Record Notice of Sale at County Recorders Office

7 days prior to sale date : Trustee cannot sell for 7 days after expiration of court order

5 business days prior to sale : Right of borrower to reinstate ends

Repossession : At approximately 120 days bank repossesses property. Owners must vacate premises by eviction date.

Sale date :  Public Auction, approximately 120 days from mail/post date of Notice of Default, where property may be sold to highest bidder.

For Sale: Homes not sold at Auction are put on the market (MLS) and sold at Bank/Market price.